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Bioss Named "Key Antibody Company to Watch" by CiteAb

Bioss has been named a company to watch by CiteAb based on its increasing share of citations among antibody manufacturers and suppliers.

With a growing share of product citations from around the world, Bioss was named a key company to watch in the antibody market by CiteAb, the citation-ranked antibody search engine and database.

For the last 5+ years, Bioss has seen rapid growth in the share of citations, reaching its highest mark to date — 0.31% for 2016.

Bioss continues to expand its catalog of more than 11,000 primary products with 15 available conjugations while making investments in more robust testing and validation techniques, including a new effort to provide knockout validation on select products.

Data and image provided courtesy of CiteAb. To read the full analysis, follow this link.

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