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Bioss Featured as Growing Antibody Supplier by CiteAb

Bioss Featured as Growing Antibody Supplier by CiteAb

In a study published by CiteAb on November 15, 2019, Bioss was featured, together with Biolegend and Proteintech, as the fast growing antibody suppliers in the antibody market. This is the second time that Bioss got on this list, the last time was in 2017, where Bioss was highlighted as one of the companies that are still modest in size but have an interesting growth trajectory.

This study is as a result of analysis of nearly one million specific antibody citations from the last nine years for over 150 suppliers. This is CiteAb's recently updated annual dataset looking at supplier shares of the global research antibody market.

According to Rhys Williams, the Data Product Manager from CiteAb, Bioss caught his attention because "back in 2016 Bioss was a really tiny supplier it was seeing spectacularly fast growth, gaining market share rapidly between 2014 and 2016. When we look at our latest data for this company we can see it has maintained this positive trajectory, but not with quite the ferocity that we saw back then. Still, impressive progress means Bioss has climbed the supplier share ladder and now sits at 19th position, up from 21st in 2016. It will be interesting to see what the future holds and whether Bioss can continue to maintain steady growth in coming years"


About CiteAb:

CiteAb is a leading life science data provider that helps researchers and their suppliers make more informed decisions. Their antibody and biochemical search engine provides a simple way for researchers to find reagents that work, while their high quality market data and citations are used commercially by many of the world’s leading reagent suppliers and investment companies.


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