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New Year Educational Grant

New Year Educational Grant Professors and students can apply for the Bioss Grant, which can be used for research or educational purposes. Applications open till January 21, 2024!



It's the start of the new year, a new semester, and new resolutions to go to the gym (don't @ me with your "I said this last year." My horoscope says I will have more free time this year.) To kick off 2024, we are supporting our professors and students with our $ 1,000 New Year Educational Research Grant. Only students and professors within the United States and Canada can apply to this grant. The grant can be used towards research or for educational purposes. The submission deadline is January 21, 2024, and the winner will be announced by January 26, 2024. By offering this funding opportunity, we hope to support both our educators and students, who are the bread and butter of discovery and innovation.




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