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Meet The Bioss Brick™

It's been some time in the making, but we've developed a new vial case that we are cleverly calling "The Bioss Brick™" (OK, it's not THAT clever . . . ) In any case, we are very excited about this. Primarily, it provides a more secure way of delivering our product to you, which is the ultimate goal. However, the bricks seconds as a fun and rather addictive toy. We've designed dovetail joints into the faces of the brick to allow for both vertical and horizontal building opportunities. Build yourself a rack, the Empire State Building, or the ever-loving IgGy™, like we did above.

Whatever you choose to do with yours, we hope you find this new case a fun way to brighten up your lab and provide a little bit of relief. This is the first step of  many in our new packaging roll-out this year. Stay tuned, and have fun! ~ The Bioss Team

The Bioss Brick

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