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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3: New knockout validation coming for select antibodies

Announcing the latest product testing initiative from Bioss: knockout (KO) validated antibodies.

As a researcher, you expect extraordinary products.

Bioss strives to meet your expectations every day, which is why we're proud to announce our new initiative to begin providing knockout (KO) validation on many of our 11,000+ products.

As biological discovery advances, researchers demand more from their antibodies (and the companies that produce them). Bioss seeks to improve the user experience by providing top quality product testing. In this pursuit, we recognize the need for more tailored validations of our antibodies against knockout, knock-in, and mutated targets.

Knockout validated antibodies allow for increased experimental reliablity and reproducibility. During the validation process, antibodies tested against wildtype cell lines are compared to those tested against knockout cell lines that don't express the target protein. A specific antibody should detect only the target from the wildtype and detect nothing from the knockout. This process provides a reliable negative control for the antibody's target specificity.

Through a new partnership with EdiGene Inc., a leader in genome-edited human cell lines, we have selected 100 of the most popular knockout lysates for our antibody validation program, with more expected in the future. Data gathered through such testing will afford a more robust understanding of each antibody's properties and allow researchers to make more informed purchases.

Our continued goal is to ensure our users the best quality products and information available. This effort lies at the heart of our company's mission — to develop and manufacture top quality antibodies that accelerate biological research and discovery. 

We are excited to pursue this new intitative, and we look forward to continued collaboration with our most important partner: the worldwide community of scientists who trust our products in their labs each and every day.

About EdiGene Inc.

EdiGene develops and optimizes genome editing technology to produce stable genome edited mammalian cell lines serving a wide-range of R&D activities in areas of basic research, diagnostic and therapeutic development. EdiGene’s patented technology enables effective and efficient gene knockout cell line production. This enables the possibility of a new quality control standards for antibody production.

To read more, visit their website: http://www.edigene.com.

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