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Thanks to all of you who helped us donate towards childhood cancer research. Each Bioss Brick you've signed has allowed us to contribute one dollar to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Your efforts and compassion are appreciated! After the dust cleared and all is said and done, we counted out 1,048 individually signed bricks! That is all because of you. Read more in our daily journal below.

AACR 2014 April9

Well, we did it! We broke 1,000 bricks; signed and shipped! We will have the official count soon and let you all know. Thanks to your support we've surpassed our goals! It's been a great conference here at AACR in San Diego, but it's time to take our leave. IgGy is exhausted! It took him all night to disassemble that brick tower. As we say goodbye with one last look towards San Diego we are already looking forward to our next show at AAI in Pittsburg; just a few weeks away! To all our new friends; thank you and stay tuned for an email update about just how much you have contributed! ~ The Bioss Team

AACR 2014 April 8

So, after three days we are feeling pretty tired. However, we are always surprised at how many of you continue to open your hearts and help us contribute to cancer research. Our tower is now nearly 1,000 strong! We've spoken to so many of you and are excited to be working with you and our products! Tonight, we took out our star of the show, IgGy, for a walk and a bite to eat. Here he is relaxing, with an almost angelic glow around him. Please. . . don't say anything about it. . . he doesn't need any encouragement! See you all tomorrow for one more incredible day!

AACR 2014 April 7

As the crowds settled, the voices grew silent and the lights dimmed. . . we took a breath. Thanks to all of you we've ended our second day here in San Diego with almost 700 signed bricks. Each one of you was a pleasure to talk with and now you have combined to help contribute up to almost $700 in donations at this point! Not only that, but we feel like we have made many new friends and have found homes for hundreds of new IgGys! Here's to a good nights rest and another great day tomorrow. See you there!

AACR 2014 April 6


We've arrived! Day one here has been a blast! Planes landing, getting to the show, meeting hundreds of new faces and then off to our beloved pillows. However, it's been a great day and the weather certainly helps shake off the cold New England air. We talked with many of you today and have gotten more than 300 visitors to sign one of our Bioss Bricks. Each one signed, represents one dollar we will donate to cancer research; and more specifically, Alex's Lemonade Stand. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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