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Happy Birthday Dr. Alice Boring

On February 22, 1883 . . . 
Alice Middleton Boring was born in Philadelphia. Dr. Boring began her scientific endeavors as a cytologist studying under Nettie Stevens and Thomas Hunt Morgan. After co-authoring 36 works with Morgan, Boringfalse

Polio Virus Isolated!

On January 10, 1947 . . . Dr. Hubert Loring and assistant Dr. Carlton Schwerdt had a breakthrough in their research of the polio virus at Stanford.

Meet Mary Claire-King

On December 21, 1990 . . . Dr. Mary-Claire King first discovered that a gene on chromosome 17(BRCA1) was linked to inherited cancer, including ovarian and breast cancer. The article was published by Science on December 21, 1990.

Happy Birthday Susumu Tonegawa!

On September 5, 1939 . . . Dr. Susumu Tonegawa was born. 
Dr. Tonegawa is a molecular biologist best known for his early work in the field of immunology. In 1987 he was the sole recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology andfalse

Meet Rita Levi-Montalcini!

Rita Levi-Montalicini, along with her twin sister, was born on April 22, 1909 in Turin, Italy.

On August, 10, 1987 . . .

On August 10, 1897 . . . 
Dr. Felix Hoffmann first synthesized acetylsalicylic acid while working at Bayer. This was the first time ASA was made in a chemically stable form. Dr. Hoffmann's work went through a number of large studies and thefalse

On July 27, 1921

On July 27, 1921 . . . 
Dr.Frederick Banting and Charles Best successfully isolated the Insulin A hormone . This achievement was the pinnacle of years of work by Banting and his assistant, Charles Best.
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