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Meet IgGy The Bioss Dragon!

Meet IgGy™ The Dragon! Our lovable ambassador loves flame-fired foods, sequencing and long hours in the lab. If you have any photos of our dashing dragon perusing your local streets or hanging out in the lab be sure to send them to us! Check out where he's been recently, or visit IgGy™ on Facebook and Twitter!

In the land of FACs, on the fringe of the far off gated region of quad two, he was concocted by Dr. Pi. As a first line of defense against invading pathogens, the fearless monster was brought to life. However, a rare genetic mutation spawned instead, IgGy™, the friendly dragon. He now lives deep in the Western Blot Forest where his time is spent spinning around the centrifuge, dancing with electrophoresis, and exploring the unknown qPCR. Discovered by Bioss for his vast knowledge in all things protein, IgGy™ agreed to join our quest in developing antibodies. Now, his friendly personality, quick wit, and dashing good looks have become the familiar face of Bioss. Meet, IgGy™, The Bioss Dragon.

IgGy in the lab

 IgGy + dog


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