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Happy Birthday Dr. Ramon y Cajal

On May 1, 1852 . . .  . . 
Dr. Santiago Ramon y Cajal was born in Spain. Cajal, a bit of a renaissance man, is known for his work as a histologist, pathologist, neuroscientist, Nobel laureate and artist. His life's work has ultimately earned him the title of the Father of Neuroscience.
Although Dr. Cajal received many prizes and distinctions during his career, his defining moment came in 1906 when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work on the structure of the Nervous System (alongside Dr. Camillo Golgi). Although their work differed completely in opinion, the prize specifically referenced what would later become the Neuron Doctrine, a lasting achievement of Dr. Cajal's research and the foundation of modern neuroscience, which continues its use in education today.
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