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BIOSS ANTIBODIES™ will be in Philadelphia for AACR 2015!

We had a blast in Philadelphia and loved the enthusiasm you all brought to our booth! Check out the pictures below to see how you helped complete our backdrop. We couldn't have done it without you and it looks great! Talk to you soon! ~ The Bioss Team

As the last day comes to a close here in Philadelphia we take a moment. All of you came together to make a statement by adding a small piece to our booth. Sure it looks nice, but it represents something larger. It represents the spirit of AACR and the science community coming together for a purpose that will ultimately better the quality of life. Thank you all so much!

We hope to work with you soon and certainly look forward to talking with you again.


So it's the third day, and crunch time really. We have seen a whole lot of you over the last couple of days, but have a few hundred tiles to fill still. But we know you will come through! Here are some shots of IgGy™ and a couple of our staff members working hard . . . ok well maybe not so much IgGy™. He may be tired with all the attention over the last couple of days.

See you all tomorrow! 

Thanks again for all of you who stopped by! We are loving the City of Brotherly Love! You have had some great questions and there is really interesting work being done. What's more, we've certainly made some good progress on our backdrop because of your help! Let's keep it going, two more days! 


Would it be too cliche to start this journal with a call for some Rocky theme music...Maybe, but that's the mood we're in! It took a bit to setup but we've finally got things ready for you! Stop by Booth #1044 and help us out. We've got more than 2,000 pieces of our backdrop cut up and set aside! Why? Well, we are asking you to put it together!

For each of you that helps us add a square, we will donate $1 to cancer research! That's right! It's not just a funky design. So, stop by and let's get things going...
[enter theme music here please]

See you soon! 
Bioss Antibodies

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